FiT acts as an interface between research, development and the practical application of industrial cleaning technology. Our goal is to generate new insights, compile and pool current knowledge and promote exchange in the industry and with external stakeholders.

Products Finishing is the media brand devoted to all things finishing. Electroplaters, anodizers, liquid and powder coaters have all come to rely on Products Finishing magazine as their No. 1 source for surface finishing news and technology for more than 80 years. That’s because its feature stories and how-to case studies resonate with its readers—the job shop owners and OEMs who specialize in coatings. Products Finishing provides its readers with information and research on the latest equipment, technology, processes and best practices to help them stay profitable and efficient. Whether it is about equipment and supplies for plating, liquid and powder coating, anodizing, electrocoating, parts cleaning, pretreatment or mechanical finishing, this brand has it covered.

The Production Machining media brand covers advanced new technology, practices and processes in the manufacture of precision machined parts in high volumes. Its editors travel extensively across the country and the world to create in-depth application stories centered around real users of precision machining equipment. The brand, which features a monthly magazine, website, blog and e-newsletter, also provides industry news, information about new equipment and technical articles detailing innovative machining technology that companies can use to grow their businesses. Most readers of this brand also must produce clean parts by following stringent technical cleanliness regulations according to customer needs.