Board of Directors

Matthew Gilmore, Executive Director

Email –

Phone – 513-527-8859 (direct)

Matt Gilmore is the Director of Membership and Business Development with Gardner Manufacturing Association Solutions (GMAS) and the Executive Director of the newly formed Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA). Matt has over ten years of experience in association management and strategic development focusing on such areas as membership growth, sponsorship engagement and program development and government affairs mostly with manufacturing trades associations. In his off hours, Matt spends most of his time trying to make his sons better soccer players.

Executive Committee

Jeff Beard, President

In addition to his role as the manager of the Brulin Industrial Products line, Jeff is also responsible for Space Industry customers, supporting their cleaning and cleanliness verification requirements. Jeff has 30+ years of aqueous and solvent cleaning experience.

Peter Feamster, First Vice President

Peter is currently Product Manager at JOMESA North America, Inc. In his role, he works to develop relationships with new and existing JOMESA clients and alsointroduce JOMESA products to new industries.  Peter has nearly 10 years in the manufacturing cleaning industry and continues to participate and promote cleaning-focused events. When he is not working with microscopes, Peter loves to play hockey, cook dinner for his wife, and golf whenever he gets the chance.

Mike Valenti, Second Vice President

Mike has over 25 years of experience in specialty chemical development and product management. He has been involved with the development and sales of specialty chemicals, detergents and cleaners, and metal finishing products. First with Milliken Chemical, and then with Hubbard-Hall. His experience at Hubbard-Hall has included recommending cleaners, for both aqueous and solvent cleaning processes, non-ferrous surface preparation, equipment and testing protocols for a wide range of requirements for critical metal finishing operations.

Jay Nawani, Treasurer

Jay Nawani is the Owner & CEO of the JAYCO group business which includes JAYCO Cleaning Technologies – a company offering advance Precision & Industrial Aqueous Cleaning Systems and JAYCO Cleaning Solutions – a company offering advance Aqueous Cleaning Chemistries and Surface Treatment Solutions.

Jay started the Cleaning Technologies business in 2010 and the Cleaning Solutions business in 2018 and as an organization these companies offer advanced cleaning technologies and solutions to companies in critical industries such as Medical Devices, Optics, Hydraulics, Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace and many others.

Jay has been in the aqueous cleaning business for over 35 years and is still passionate about pushing the envelope to improve and enhance standards of industrial precision cleaning.

Jay and his wife Madhu live in the Cincinnati area and when not working, he enjoys the company of his friends over a round of golf and he also enjoys traveling in Europe for business or pleasure.

Lori Beckman, Secretary

Lori Beckman, senior editor for Production Machining, has been reporting on, writing and editing content for the brand since 2003. She is also the editor of the parts cleaning section of Production Machining and Products Finishing brands, covering the manufacturing parts cleaning segment of the industry. She has attended the parts2clean trade show in Germany, is a member of the board of directors for the new Manufacturing Cleaning Association and is co-chairperson of the Parts Cleaning Conference. Lori regularly visits industry trade shows and interviews precision machine shops and OEMs to write valuable content for the industry.

Lori began her career as a journalist writing technical articles for two publications in the trucking industry.


Sherry Stepp, Kyzen (Immediate Past President)

Sherry brings 25+ years’ experience in business planning to her position. She joined KYZEN in customer service, embarked on extensive technical training and was promoted multiple times over the past 25 years. Her deep industry knowledge, welcoming personality and careful consideration of every detail are her recognized trademarks. Sherry founded KYZEN’s industry Friendship Program, volunteers for various industry associations on committees and in leadership positions.

Markus Roessler, Glaser

Markus Rossler took over responsibility for Glaeser Inc. USA in April 2015. He extended the scope of the company beyond the lab operations by selling and servicing CleanLab setups, and performing training and consulting, including lab audits and assessments in respect to cleanliness in processes. Markus has 30+ years of experience in setting up and developing sales, service and consulting operations on three continents.

Darren Williams, Sam Houston State University

Dr. Williams has been at Sam Houston State University since 2004 teaching Physical Chemistry I and II, General Chemistry I and II, and graduate courses in Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics. He leads the Cleaning Research Group at SHSU and has co-developed the Product Quality Cleaning Workshops and Webinars, a 16-hour interactive lab and classroom training covering all aspects of precision industrial cleaning. He has Ph.D. from Oregon State University and obtained his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. His most recent honor was receiving the American Chemical Society’s Regional Partners for Progress and Prosperity Award for positive impact on the Precision Cleaning Industrial Sector promoting workforce development, STEM education, research and legislative effectiveness. Dr. Williams is a member and past president (2014-2015) of the Rotary Club of Huntsville, member of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Chemistry Field of Study Subcommittee (Chair of Chemistry Curriculum Tuning in 2011-2012), and Faculty Advisor for several student organizations including the J. C. Stallings Chemical Society.